Kauai Christian Weddings

kauai christain weddingI perform two different nondenominational Christian Marriage ceremonies. Some people are not sure what nondenominational means. Basically, nondenoninational recognizes Christ and Chrisitianity, but with no specific alignment to any one Church, but still holding onto the doctrine. Our Lord is part of this marriage ceremony.

I perform two different Christian ceremonies. My first ceremony has been popular for years and also includes Hawaiian elements. My second ceremony I just started  doing last year  after a couple asked me to do a specific ceremony for them.  I have taken that ceremony and made a few modifications to  it, and now  make it available to all couples.  I am happy to say that it  has  become  equally as popular as  my original.
You are welcome to make as many additions, deletions or changes that you wish or to provide your own personal vows to each other to add to or replace the vows within the ceremony.
I always tell couples, "it's your wedding and you may have it any way you want."  The most important thing is that you have the experience that you will always remember in your hearts.


"Aloha Larry We love your ceremony. It is a beautiful blend of Hawaiian and Christian and we love the way it flowed.  We were so excited to meet you and to share our wedding with our family."

Mahalo, DeLynne