Couples have said how Larry’s calming demeanor has put them at ease and made their ceremony a more relaxed, informal event. He creates a very emotional feeling, engaging the bride and groom, and their guests, as well. "You said all the right things and made us feel so special.”

From the “San Francisco Examiner” 12/20/2011

Kauai Wedding Ceremonies
Kauai Wedding Minister


Kauai Wedding Officiant

"It is a pleasure and an honor to be part of your special day"

Being a wedding minister is one of the most joyful and satisfying jobs that I can imagine. When I can see “that look” on the faces of the wedding couple as they gaze into each others' eyes and say their vows, their love shines! It gives me chills at times.

A wedding ceremony touches everyone who attends. It is so heart-warming when parents thank me afterwards, especially when they point out a part of the ceremony that really touched them, whether it is how the “Aloha to the Ohana” has reminded them of someone who couldn’t be at the ceremony, or the meaning of the Sand Ceremony in the joining of the couple. The Bible readings in Christian ceremonies often touch both the couple and their guests.

Many times I have had guests say to me that the wedding was the most amazing ceremony they had ever been to.

Why is that? Partly because I have learned how to help the couple be relaxed and experience their ceremony with an open and joyful heart. The moment of your wedding can and should be one of the greatest moments of your life.

My mission is to help make your ceremony experience everything you hoped it could be.

A commercial airline pilot groom told me after his recent ceremony that “the ceremony was more than my highest expectations, in fact, more than I could have imagined.”

Every couple is unique and so each ceremony is unique. As I see your individual personalities, and the energy and love that you bring to the moment, I allow the ceremony to unfold accordingly. Your wedding is about you. You have spent weeks, months or even years building up to this moment, and now you may experience it with open eyes and a smile.

Some couples are relaxed, some are very nervous. Some brides are thinking about how they look, and some grooms are hoping not to cry. I try to bring all of your focus to be only on each other, so that you may feel your shared love, and remember the journey that brought you to that time and place… your wedding day.

Again, it is my honor to be part of your most special day.

Sample Ceremonies on Kauai

About Us ~ Kauai Wedding Ceremonies

Larry LaSota has been an ordained minister since 1970 and performed his first marriage ceremony in Jacksonville, Florida. In the 1980’s, he had his own church in Thousand Oaks, California, and performed many marriage ceremonies there. In 1999, he became a licensed wedding officiant in the State of Hawaii. Larry and his wife, Elaine, moved full-time to Kauai in early 2000.

Larry will perform either a non-denominational Christian ceremony or a non-religious civil ceremony (optional Hawaii elements can be included), for weddings, vow renewals and same sex marriage. Couples may customize their ceremony any way that they wish. There are several ceremonies available and couples often mix from several options, plus add their own words and vows.


"Aloha Larry Jo and I wanted to thank you again for a wonderful, heartfelt ceremony. You were the perfect minister to touch and amplify our feelings for each other and the reasons for recommitting. Best of all, I think we inspired our daughter and her significant other to go ahead and marry in the same location. It was magical. "

Many thanks, Ron and JoNell


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